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Common Conditions Treated at the Collierville Animal Clinic

Most pet owners look at their pet as a member of their family. Therefore, it is important to make sure that their pet has high-quality healthcare, just as other members of their family. Even with the best preventative care, it is still possible that acute conditions are going to arise. For this reason, we open our doors to take care of pets with a number of acute medical conditions. At the Collierville Animal Clinic, we take a lot of pride in our ability to treat a variety of common conditions. We are here to make sure that everyone has access to a trained veterinarian in Collierville.


Common Conditions Treated at the Collierville Animal Clinic

At the Collierville Animal Clinic, there are a number of common conditions that we see. Some of the most common include:

  • Vomiting:  A pet that vomits is one of the most common reasons why pet owners rush to see us. There are a number of reasons why the pet might be vomiting. Sometimes, the pet has a routine stomach virus. In other cases, the animal might have ingested something poisonous. Regardless, we will figure out why the pet is vomiting and put a stop to it.
  • Rashes: Pets, like people, can develop rashes as well; however, it can be harder for a pet owner to detect a rash because of all the fur. Often, pets itch and scratch until their hair starts to fall out in clumps. Then, the pet owner spots the rash and rushes the pet to the animal hospital for emergency care. We know how to spot rashes and can treat them accordingly.
  • Acute Injuries:  In addition to illnesses, we treat acute injuries as well. There are a number of common injuries that we see in our office including bruises, lacerations, and even broken bones. We want to make sure that your pet has access to the medical care that he or she deserves. Trust us to take care of your pet in the event of an acute injury. We have the latest tools at our disposal.

Rely on the Team from the Collierville Animal Clinic

These are only a few of the many conditions that we see. Our veterinary team has an extensive amount of training on a variety of medical conditions. We would be honored to put this training to use to help you and your furry friend. If you would like to learn more about our services, please call the Collierville Animal Clinic to schedule an appointment. 

New patients receive a free wellness exam.

Clinic/Surgery: 901-853-8519
Pet Resort: 901-854-1500

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  • "All staff caring and competent. We are thrilled with the care our dog gets here."
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