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Pet Eye Infections

Pet eye infections require treatment from our veterinarian to ensure they clear up effectively and quickly. You can contact Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center to make an appointment with our practitioner for an assessment of your pet's condition if you feel they are suffering from an eye infection. Our vet will provide your dog or cat with necessary treatment promptly. Here is some information about eye infections in pets to read over so you are aware of the symptoms and treatment options available.

Pet Eye Infections

Signs Your Pet May Have an Eye Infection

There are a few signs that indicate your pet is suffering from an eye infection. Usually, a dog or cat with an eye infection will have visible symptoms, such as redness or a cloudy appearance in the eye with this condition. Your pet may try to scratch at their eye in an attempt to stop pain or discomfort from continuing. This could make the condition worse, making it necessary to obtain treatment promptly so this does not occur. The eye may have a discharge present. This could be clear, creamy, or crusty in appearance. 

Reasons Why Pets Get Eye Infections

An eye infection could start because your pet had obtained an injury to the eye. Failure to treat a scratch in the eye often leads to an infection. Bacteria that get into an eye could also cause an infection to begin. If your pet was recently ill, an eye infection could be a symptom of the condition. Some pets suffer from eye infections as the result of an allergic reaction to environmental triggers as well. Make it a priority to be observant of any behavioral changes your pet exhibits and take a look at their eyes often so treatment can be obtained quickly if needed.

What to Do If Your Pet Gets an Eye Infection

A pet that has an eye infection requires treatment from a professional. If you do not bring your pet to a veterinarian, there is a risk of the infection spreading from one eye to the other. There is also the risk of the pet having blurry vision or even blindness. To remove discharge around an infected eye, use a warm washcloth to gently remove the matter. Do not rub the eye, but instead pat the area to remove this substance. Do not use the same washcloth for both eyes, as the infection could spread from eye to eye. See our veterinarian right away for treatment. Our practitioner will assess the condition of the affected eye and prescribe medication if needed.

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