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Pet Dental FAQs

Collierville Veterinarian Answers your Pet Dental FAQs

An important aspect of your pet's well-being is the health of their teeth and gums. Just like people, pets can suffer tooth decay, gum disease, and even periodontitis if plaque is allowed to accumulate at the gum line. Unless removed from brushing and regular teeth cleaning with anesthesia at our animal hospital, plaque will erode dental enamel, produce cavities and promote painful oral infections.

Many pet owners are unsure about bringing their pet to our veterinarian in Collierville for dental care. Will it hurt their pet? Is it really necessary? How do I know my pet has teeth problems? Here are informed answers to common pet dental FAQs.

My pet has chronic bad breath. Does this mean he needs his teeth cleaned?

Although your pet's breath may smell unpleasant after he eats commercial dog or cat food (especially wet food), bad breath shouldn't linger. If your pet's breath has a "rotten egg" smell, he may have dental caries, gingivitis or other oral infection that needs professional attention. Swollen, reddened gums, food avoidance, and drooling are also signs of dental disease.

Will My Pet Be Put to Sleep During Routine Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning with anesthesia allows your veterinarian in Collierville to thoroughly remove all plaque under gums and in between teeth without upsetting your pet. Sedating pets during dental treatments also eliminates the risk of injury to a pet that is anxious and resistant to having his mouth examined. Additionally, your pet's head needs to remain perfectly still while we take digital x-rays to determine the extent of oral problems and diseases.

How Often Should I Bring My Pet to Your Animal Hospital for Pet Dental Care?

Pets under eight years old should have a dental exam and teeth cleaning once a year to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum infections. Your Collierville veterinarian recommends older pets have their teeth and gums checked twice a year since their immune systems are less robust and less likely to ward off oral diseases and infections.

Are Antibiotics Safe to Give My Pet If He as an Oral Infection?

Yes, as long as your pet does not have underlying disorders that may conflict with antibiotic effectiveness. In some cases, your vet may prescribe preventative antibiotics before dental treatment if your pet has a known kidney, liver or heart problem that impacts his immune system's ability to eliminate oral bacteria potentially infiltrating the bloodstream.

My Pet Needs Dental Surgery. When Is It Safe to Let Them Eat Crunchy Food Again?

Wait about two weeks before giving your pet their favorite kibble following pet dental surgery like tooth extractions or root canals. Depending on the type of dental surgery your pet undergoes, your veterinarian in Collierville may recommend bringing your pet in for a check-up before allowing them to eat crunchy food.

We understand why pet owners are concerned about their pet's well-being during teeth cleaning with anesthesia, extraction or other oral treatment. That's why we are more than happy to answer your questions about pet dental care.

Collierville Animal Clinic, P.C. is conveniently located at 474 W US Hwy 72 in Collierville, TN. Our veterinarian in Collierville also serves Germantown, Piperton, Collierville and the surrounding areas. Make an appointment for pet dental care today by calling (901) 853-8519.

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